Repairs & Reconditioning

We provide a full range of services to help keep your piano in top condition

Hoffman piano

Action Repairs

The internal mechanism of the piano is known as the "Piano Action". We are action specailists, undertaking all action work from small repairs, for example one or two sticking keys, right up to full action reconditioning, which could include complete renewal of felts, leathers, springs, etc. As with all our work, we use only the finest quality tools and materials.

action repairs


Another of our areas of expertise is regulating. For the uninitated, this is a process designed to improve the piano’s touch by making it more even and responsive. It is usually possible to make the touch lighter or heavier as required.



We undertake all stringing work, as well as repairs to the soundboard, bridges and wrest plank replacement. Iron frames also re-gilded. We use only the the best quality tools and materials.

restringing the piano

Hammer Toning

This is done to make to piano's tone brighter or more mellow and also to create evenness of tone throughout the piano's range.

hammer toning
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